Believe in Miracles – Improve World Luck


Well, actually, the world seems more lucky when you believe in yourself and your abilities.


Before I move on to another section on daily meditations, I just wanted to reflect just a moment longer on conquering doubt.

When you conquer your inner doubt, you gain more confidence.  And that confidence is reflected out through your worldly contacts.

Your world begins to feel more trustworthy, friendly and manageable.  Why?  Well, because it is within you!  Conquering doubt brings more life to you.  Makes you strong…unwavering in your belief in what you can accomplish.  Breathe in….ahhhh….can you feel it?

That unshakable faith — harmony –rising empowerment within you!

OK. OK.  So you say, uh…I feel like that sometimes, but…

Remember that doubt can most definitely destabilize that new found power and belief in yourself.  You want to believe in yourself!


* Believe in miracles!

* Surround yourself with people who support you

* Post great positive affirmations where you will see them most often.  Read them, say them, believe them!

Remove your doubt and believe in yourself.  Believe in miracles.

For when you conquer doubt, life flows so much more abundantly.  Love is so much better.  People seem so much more open to you.  The world seems more gracious.  World luck seems to be just around corner … just one step at a time.  One person releasing doubt  from another, and so on.  Wow.  I feel the world getting better even now.

Peace and love,



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